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Don’t Ignore a Clogged Drain

At Drain Masters, we understand the importance of addressing clogged drains as soon as they are noticed. Ignoring a clogged drain can lead to a variety of problems, such as water damage, unpleasant odors, and potential health hazards.

The clog can also put stress on the pipes, which can cause them to burst or leak. Additionally, it can lead to slow draining or standing water in sinks, tubs, and showers, making them difficult to use. A clogged drain can also attract pests, such as cockroaches, and can lead to mold growth.

 To avoid these issues, our team of experienced plumbers can quickly diagnose the problem and provide an effective solution to unclog your drains. Don’t ignore a clogged drain, trust Drain Masters to keep your plumbing running smoothly.

    How to Avoid Clogging your Drains

    As a plumber, here are several things you can do to avoid clogged drains:

    • Use a strainer in sinks and bathtub drains to catch hair and other debris before it goes down the drain.
    • Avoid pouring grease, oil, or fats down the drain, as they can solidify and cause blockages.
    • Don’t flush non-biodegradable items such as baby wipes, sanitary products, or paper towels down the toilet.
    • Be mindful of what you put down the garbage disposal, avoid putting fibrous foods or hard items such as bones, or eggshells, rice and coffee grounds.
    • Don’t pour chemicals such as bleach, drain cleaners, paint thinner, gas, oil or transmission fluid in drains they can damage pipes and cause blockages
    • No Personal hygiene products such as cotton swabs, makeup wipes, and contact lenses in drains
    • No Large amount of paper, paper towels or facial tissue in drains they can absorb water and cause blockages
    • Absolutely no toxic waste into drains
    • Schedule regular drain cleaning and maintenance to remove any buildup of debris and prevent blockages.
    • Be mindful of the amount of water you use, if you notice water is draining slow, it could be a sign of a clog forming.


    Drain Camera Inspections

    Drain camera inspection is a technique used by Drain Masters to visually inspect the inside of a drain or sewer line. The inspection is performed using a small camera that is inserted into the drain or sewer line through a small access point. The camera transmits a live video feed of the inside of the pipe to a monitor, allowing the plumber to see any blockages, damage, or other issues that may be causing problems.

    Drain camera inspection is useful for identifying the cause of a clogged drain or sewer line without the need for excavation or other disruptive methods. It can also be used to locate the exact location of a blockage or damage, making it easier to repair or replace the affected section of pipe. This method is also useful for identifying potential issues before they become major problems, allowing for proactive maintenance and repair.

    Drain camera inspection is a non-invasive, cost-effective and efficient way to diagnose and solve drain and sewer line issues. Drain Masters is equipped with the latest camera inspection technology and experienced plumbers to help you with any kind of drain or sewer line issues.

      *Free Estimates during regular business hours.

      *Free Estimates during regular business hours.

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